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So guess what guys, I discovered Dubstep. It’s pretty sweet. It kind of happened by accident cause the boy I like likes it so.. anyways that’s not the point. The point is that it is really awesome to listen to in your car with the bass down low. Oh that reminds me!! Bass Down Low is another spicy intense song that you should listen to cause it is really freaking awesome! So I’ll post links to some of my favorites & I’ll post again later because.. well a lot has happened! So yeahhhhhhh :)

1. Ghosts ‘N Stuff: Deadmau5 (Feat. Rob Swire)

I know it’s not a dubstep remix but it’s got the same kind of techno-ey thing goin’ on. It’s just super catchy!

Ghosts \’N Stuff//Deadmau5 (Feat. Rob Swire)

2. Sierra Leone: Mt. Eden Dubstep

I loveeeeet this song. I actually found it like a year ago but I still love it & it’s great to dance to :)

Sierra Leone//Mt. Eden Dubstep

3. Shooting Star: The Girls Can Hear Us!

Sooo good the rapping is sweet!

Shooting Star//The Girls Can Hear Us!

4. Eyes On Fire: Blue Foundation Dubstep

Really catchy; the original is great too.

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Eyes On Fire//Blue Foundation Dubstep

5. Daniel: Bat For Lashes (Mt. Eden Dubstep)

Suchhhh a good song! The original is one of my favorite songs, & when I found the remix I was so excited. It’s kind of a chill dubstep remix but still way good! :)

Daniel//Bat For Lashes (Mt. Eden Dubstep)

6. Bass Down Low: The Cataracs (Feat. Dev)

Sooo great to dance to!! The best part is the part where it’s like “Drop it to the floooo..” You can’t not drop it to the flo.

Bass Down Low//The Cataracs (Feat. Dev)

♪Drop it to the floooo..♪♪♪

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Post A Week

Happy New Year everyone!! I have a feeling 2011 is going to be a good’un. :)

So I’ve decided, in order to post more, to post at least once a week. So there ya go!

I started school again today, & it pretty much sucked. Yep. I think Christmas Break gets shorter every year, because this year I was sooooooo not ready to go back to school. And I’m super super tired :( Hopefully tomorrow is better! Well, that’s all for now.. kinda lame. But I’ll post again sometime next week, or before next week, maybe with something more exciting!! But probably not :)

♪I would give it all to not be sleeping alone♪♪♪

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