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The thing about Ivy Leagues is that anyone who’s anyone goes there. Sure there are exceptions, but there are exceptions to everything. Brown is my Ivy of choice, but I’m not sure if I’m good enough. My sister’s acceptance letters from the Ivies come on Thursday, so I’ve been thinking about it a lot. She is a really smart girl; probably smarter than me. Who knows. So if she doesn’t get in anywhere, then I don’t even have a chance. The point is that if someone sees that you went to an Ivy League school, no matter if they’re a job employer, your friend, whoever, that someone will know that you’re smart. You have to be. And that opens countless doors. All I want to do is something meaningful. My dream job would be a singer, but we all know how well that works out for everyone. Whatever.

1. The Funeral//Band Of Horses


Kind of melancholy; it’s really pretty though.

2. Heaven//Brett Dennen


What I love about his songs is that they all make you think. This song is so true.

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