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Some more music :D

1. Levels (Original Mix)//Avicii

Some different stuff.. trance! + Etta James = awesome!

2. Elenore//The Turtles

So not exactly new as much as super old.. but hey some of  the best music is old! Hahah. This song was in Pirate Radio, which I finally watched last weekend. It was awesome & had an amazing soundtrack!! Watch it!!

^that’s Elenore

3. All Day And All Of The Night//The Kinks

Also from the movie!

^Oh & this guy was hilarious!! BTW he was Gilderoy Lockhart in the HP movie hahah

4. Super Boo//Kid Cudi

Just when I thought I had all of his songs.. I somehow missed this one! I love it cause it’s kinda different from most of his recent stuff. I would probs die if he sang this to me hahah.

5. You Make A Fool Of Me//Me’Shell Ndegocello

This song is way sad & I actually got it from SYTYCD this season.. you should watch that dance if you get a chance

6. Linden//Dance Movie

This song is pretty chill, & even though it’s kinda long, I like it. It has pretty cool transitions in it & it’s like two songs in one.

Ladycops Cover Art

7. Top Of The World//The Cataracs (Feat. Dev)

This is just a good party song!

♫If you’ll be my star, I’ll be your sky♪

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From the title:

1. Cinema: Benny Benassi

There’s a dubstep version of this one too, but I like ’em both!

Cinema//Benny Benassi

2. Too Afraid To Love You: The Black Keys

These guys are super. They’re kinda bluesy-rock, but all of their songs are awesome! So, I will put two on.

Too Afraid To Love You//The Black Keys

3. Tighten Up: The Black Keys

Tighten Up//The Black Keys

4. Are You Gonna Kiss Me Or Not: Thompson Square

Here’s that country I promised ya! So cute.

Are You Gonna Kiss Me Or Not//Thompson Square

5. Last Kiss: Taylor Swift

T. Swift is growing on me. I know most of her songs are really similar, but this one is awesome. I could listen to it forever. & cry :'(

Last Kiss//Taylor Swift

6. Soundtrack 2 My Life: Kid Cudi

Awesome. At his concert, just.. awesome.

Soundtrack 2 My Life//Kid Cudi

^Btw.. probably my favorite album cover in the history of forever

♫She’s a killer queen, gunpowder, gelatine..♫♫

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♪In my zone, I’m feelin’ alright, I’m feelin’ alright, I’m feelin’ alright, I forget about it all♫

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