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Wow! So.. a lot has happened in a couple weeks!! In a nutshell: School’s actually pretty ok this year, my classes are kinda fun!! Especially US!!! I scored a goal in varsity :), aced my US & calc tests, & had some pretty awesome sleepovers/T.P.ing/fist pumping parties! I realized that passive people never get what they want in life, I really, really, REALLY want my license (next Monday!!), and that there is such a thing as too much candy.

So. New stuff: I watched a Degrassi marathon last weekend, & that show is hilarious/sad, and I’m pretty sure I love it. The premiere comes out on Oct. 8. TiVo for sure!! (It’s a Friday night, how many people are actually going to stay home & watch it..?) Oh, and pretty much I only like the newer ones.. some of the older people are annoying.

Sparkguides: Hahahah so funny. I was on sparknotes & i found this sparkguides thing, which are guides that show you how to do pretty much anything. Like this one on kissing: hilarious!!!



Carjack My Heart: Dance Movie: This song (heard on degrassi!! :D) is awesome!! It’s really pretty. Go to www.dancemovie.bandcamp.com to download it.


Touchin On My & I Can Do Anything: 3OH!3: Both are really good songs! They have really good beats and are pretty funny.


Well, that’s all for now, comrades! I bid you good day.

♪What’s with these homies dissin’ my girl?♫

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