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Some more music :D

1. Levels (Original Mix)//Avicii

Some different stuff.. trance! + Etta James = awesome!

2. Elenore//The Turtles

So not exactly new as much as super old.. but hey some of  the best music is old! Hahah. This song was in Pirate Radio, which I finally watched last weekend. It was awesome & had an amazing soundtrack!! Watch it!!

^that’s Elenore

3. All Day And All Of The Night//The Kinks

Also from the movie!

^Oh & this guy was hilarious!! BTW he was Gilderoy Lockhart in the HP movie hahah

4. Super Boo//Kid Cudi

Just when I thought I had all of his songs.. I somehow missed this one! I love it cause it’s kinda different from most of his recent stuff. I would probs die if he sang this to me hahah.

5. You Make A Fool Of Me//Me’Shell Ndegocello

This song is way sad & I actually got it from SYTYCD this season.. you should watch that dance if you get a chance

6. Linden//Dance Movie

This song is pretty chill, & even though it’s kinda long, I like it. It has pretty cool transitions in it & it’s like two songs in one.

Ladycops Cover Art

7. Top Of The World//The Cataracs (Feat. Dev)

This is just a good party song!

♫If you’ll be my star, I’ll be your sky♪

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I decided I need to do something happy today, ’cause my family’s still pretty bummed that Col didn’t get into any Ivy Leagues (Waitlisted at Penn though, fingers crossed!) So we’re going to Kohl’s today, and then we’re going to see How To Train Your Dragon :). I’m excited. We’re also getting cupcake mix to make the cupcakes for Easter tomorrow!

I love the feeling when you get up and you have NOTHING you have to do that day!! I loveeeee Spring Break!! We’re leaving for California on Tuesday to visit Berkeley, & I am sooo excited to see the ocean!! I would love living there. But I think I would only want to live on a boat. See, with a boat, you buy a really big one, and you’re only out that one expense. You don’t have to pay continuous mortgages, & you don’t have to live in a 1 – bedroom apartment. I need someone to live with though.. & we could go on all kinds of adventures..

3. Girl//The Beatles

4. In My Life//The Beatles

My 2 favs off Rubber Soul.


♫ Something in the way she moves..♫

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