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So I was making brownies yesterday, & my mind was.. well, unfocused, as usual lately. The box said 1/2 cup of vegetable oil & 3 tbsp of water, but I reversed them. So I just went ahead and baked them anyway, because I figured how bad could they be, really. They. Are. AWESOME! Best decision ever? I think so.

So. Moral of the story? Screw up the brownies recipe. You will not be disappointed :) NOM NOM NOM

Anyway. Last pool party of the summer today!! Oh wait.. maybe not. But one of the last, nevertheless. (< I love that word. It’s like 3 in one :)) So yeah, school starts on Monday, I’m PUMPED!! No, wait.. I’m NOT PUMPED! There we go. Well, maybe some things’ll change within the school year, so I guess we’ll just wait & see..

♪Turn off your mind, relax & float downstream♪

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