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Back from the Caribbean!! Great trip, but kind of annoying living on the boat. It’s raining here, of course. So I was listening to music this morning (Nirvana, Silversun Pickups, Regina Spektor), & I was thinking about Nirvana. I think they should make a movie.. because I was also thinking about Across The Universe. The guy in it, Max? I think he looks exactly like Kurt Cobain.. and apparently so do a lot of other people.


And.. his voice sounds verrrrrrry similar. And he’s hot. So they should just go right ahead..

Come As You Are//Nirvana

Happiness Is A Warm Gun//Joe Anderson

♫♪ If I kiss you where it’s sore, if I kiss you where it’s sore will you feel better, better, better, will you feel anything at all?♪♫

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I decided I need to do something happy today, ’cause my family’s still pretty bummed that Col didn’t get into any Ivy Leagues (Waitlisted at Penn though, fingers crossed!) So we’re going to Kohl’s today, and then we’re going to see How To Train Your Dragon :). I’m excited. We’re also getting cupcake mix to make the cupcakes for Easter tomorrow!

I love the feeling when you get up and you have NOTHING you have to do that day!! I loveeeee Spring Break!! We’re leaving for California on Tuesday to visit Berkeley, & I am sooo excited to see the ocean!! I would love living there. But I think I would only want to live on a boat. See, with a boat, you buy a really big one, and you’re only out that one expense. You don’t have to pay continuous mortgages, & you don’t have to live in a 1 – bedroom apartment. I need someone to live with though.. & we could go on all kinds of adventures..

3. Girl//The Beatles

4. In My Life//The Beatles

My 2 favs off Rubber Soul.


♫ Something in the way she moves..♫

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I wish it were summer. Like real summer, not just the season. Like the beach and barbecues and tans and bare feet and all that fun stuff. I miss the feeling of summer.

4th quarter starts on Monday. Hopefully this year it will go relatively quickly, so I can finally be done. I honestly have never been this sick of school before, and I don’t know how I’m going to last two more years..

So we had to pull our sailboat out of the water :(. Now that’s something I wish I had appreciated when we had it. I was really too young to enjoy sailing every Sunday, but now it would be amazing. Ah. I wish the lake wasn’t drying up.

So, Across The Universe. I am still stuck on that soundtrack, and I really think you should check it out. So go! GO!

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