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Howdy, y’all. It’s been a while!! Sooo let’s see.. I started senior year, had to skip the first week cause I had mono, made a rasta lanyard, and can’t play soccer for two weeks :(. Bummer, right? Mono sucks. Once you get past the throat pain part, it’s not so much a disease as an all-over, all the time inescapable fatigue. Hopefully I get over that soon, & I can go back to having a normal year & playing soccer & partyin’ it up :). You know how I roll. Anyway, the good thing about all of this is that senior year can only go uphill from here.. right? Right. Cause all I’ve been doing around here has been watching Law & Order: SVU, listening to music, not eating, & knitting. I’m not complaining, but it does get a little bit lonely. I’m excited to get back to the awesome fist-pumping worthy moments that consist of my regular weekends. The back to school dance is this week, so I’m pretty stoked for that. Also, I’ve got some new music for y’all!! Oh & I like country now too. So peace!

♪& I’ve been meaning to say this to you..♪

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Post A Week

Happy New Year everyone!! I have a feeling 2011 is going to be a good’un. :)

So I’ve decided, in order to post more, to post at least once a week. So there ya go!

I started school again today, & it pretty much sucked. Yep. I think Christmas Break gets shorter every year, because this year I was sooooooo not ready to go back to school. And I’m super super tired :( Hopefully tomorrow is better! Well, that’s all for now.. kinda lame. But I’ll post again sometime next week, or before next week, maybe with something more exciting!! But probably not :)

♪I would give it all to not be sleeping alone♪♪♪

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Wow! So.. a lot has happened in a couple weeks!! In a nutshell: School’s actually pretty ok this year, my classes are kinda fun!! Especially US!!! I scored a goal in varsity :), aced my US & calc tests, & had some pretty awesome sleepovers/T.P.ing/fist pumping parties! I realized that passive people never get what they want in life, I really, really, REALLY want my license (next Monday!!), and that there is such a thing as too much candy.

So. New stuff: I watched a Degrassi marathon last weekend, & that show is hilarious/sad, and I’m pretty sure I love it. The premiere comes out on Oct. 8. TiVo for sure!! (It’s a Friday night, how many people are actually going to stay home & watch it..?) Oh, and pretty much I only like the newer ones.. some of the older people are annoying.

Sparkguides: Hahahah so funny. I was on sparknotes & i found this sparkguides thing, which are guides that show you how to do pretty much anything. Like this one on kissing: hilarious!!!



Carjack My Heart: Dance Movie: This song (heard on degrassi!! :D) is awesome!! It’s really pretty. Go to www.dancemovie.bandcamp.com to download it.


Touchin On My & I Can Do Anything: 3OH!3: Both are really good songs! They have really good beats and are pretty funny.


Well, that’s all for now, comrades! I bid you good day.

♪What’s with these homies dissin’ my girl?♫

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So I was making brownies yesterday, & my mind was.. well, unfocused, as usual lately. The box said 1/2 cup of vegetable oil & 3 tbsp of water, but I reversed them. So I just went ahead and baked them anyway, because I figured how bad could they be, really. They. Are. AWESOME! Best decision ever? I think so.

So. Moral of the story? Screw up the brownies recipe. You will not be disappointed :) NOM NOM NOM

Anyway. Last pool party of the summer today!! Oh wait.. maybe not. But one of the last, nevertheless. (< I love that word. It’s like 3 in one :)) So yeah, school starts on Monday, I’m PUMPED!! No, wait.. I’m NOT PUMPED! There we go. Well, maybe some things’ll change within the school year, so I guess we’ll just wait & see..

♪Turn off your mind, relax & float downstream♪

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