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So.. it’s June 13. And it’s freezing outside. & I just wanted to ask Mother Nature if it will ever stop raining, so I can get my summer on. I would love it. I do love rain, but summer only comes once a year. & I need it. So if you could get on that.. kay thanks.

♪I’ve got troubles, oh, but, not today, they’re gonna wash away, they’re gonna wash away♪♪

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I wish it were summer. Like real summer, not just the season. Like the beach and barbecues and tans and bare feet and all that fun stuff. I miss the feeling of summer.

4th quarter starts on Monday. Hopefully this year it will go relatively quickly, so I can finally be done. I honestly have never been this sick of school before, and I don’t know how I’m going to last two more years..

So we had to pull our sailboat out of the water :(. Now that’s something I wish I had appreciated when we had it. I was really too young to enjoy sailing every Sunday, but now it would be amazing. Ah. I wish the lake wasn’t drying up.

So, Across The Universe. I am still stuck on that soundtrack, and I really think you should check it out. So go! GO!

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