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So I was making brownies yesterday, & my mind was.. well, unfocused, as usual lately. The box said 1/2 cup of vegetable oil & 3 tbsp of water, but I reversed them. So I just went ahead and baked them anyway, because I figured how bad could they be, really. They. Are. AWESOME! Best decision ever? I think so.

So. Moral of the story? Screw up the brownies recipe. You will not be disappointed :) NOM NOM NOM

Anyway. Last pool party of the summer today!! Oh wait.. maybe not. But one of the last, nevertheless. (< I love that word. It’s like 3 in one :)) So yeah, school starts on Monday, I’m PUMPED!! No, wait.. I’m NOT PUMPED! There we go. Well, maybe some things’ll change within the school year, so I guess we’ll just wait & see..

♪Turn off your mind, relax & float downstream♪

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I decided I need to do something happy today, ’cause my family’s still pretty bummed that Col didn’t get into any Ivy Leagues (Waitlisted at Penn though, fingers crossed!) So we’re going to Kohl’s today, and then we’re going to see How To Train Your Dragon :). I’m excited. We’re also getting cupcake mix to make the cupcakes for Easter tomorrow!

I love the feeling when you get up and you have NOTHING you have to do that day!! I loveeeee Spring Break!! We’re leaving for California on Tuesday to visit Berkeley, & I am sooo excited to see the ocean!! I would love living there. But I think I would only want to live on a boat. See, with a boat, you buy a really big one, and you’re only out that one expense. You don’t have to pay continuous mortgages, & you don’t have to live in a 1 – bedroom apartment. I need someone to live with though.. & we could go on all kinds of adventures..

3. Girl//The Beatles

4. In My Life//The Beatles

My 2 favs off Rubber Soul.


♫ Something in the way she moves..♫

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I watched Across The Universe the other day. A little bit cheesy for me, but in the good way. The thing that is amazing about it is the soundtrack. I love, love, love x 1,000,000 The Beatles, and this soundtrack made my week. It’s so exciting. I like it so much I listen to it in class (not exactly allowed). I’m going to list my top 10 songs:

1. Happiness Is A Warm Gun (Duh)

2. I Want You (She’s So Heavy)

3. Across The Universe

4. Come Together

5. I Am The Walrus

6. Hey Jude

7. With A Little Help From My Friends

8. Oh! Darling

9. Don’t Let Me Down

10. Strawberry Fields Forever

Oh, man. I really think you should go rent the movie. Even though the movie wasn’t super, it really goes along with the songs. So you should watch it :) By the way, there is a cereal called strawberry fields, and I keep meaning to buy it.

I Am The Walrus | Bono

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